heart-centered hypnptherapy supervision

Additional Information

Conscious Healing Therapies offers Supervision Groups for those professionals who have completed the Accelerated Hypnotherapy Certification Course, Internship, and other levels of training offered by the Wellness Institute. Meetings are held regularly in our office.

Some of the benefits of attending the Supervision Group Meetings:

  • Practicing Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy (HCH) under direct supervision of an advanced HCH facilitator.
  • Receiving immediate feedback to practice higher levels of effective hypnotherapy.
  • Learning to identify deeper issues so clients don't expect complete healing in just one session.
  • Having a safe place to continue your own personal growth, receiving sessions for yourself.
  • Participating in a professional community where mutual support is a common goal.  Here people exchange cards, e-mails, and information. Many grads give and receive referrals, find new office mates and create new friendships.
  • Having a place to complete your twenty practice hours needed for certification.
  • Learning more about how to market your practice.
  • Learning new ideas about how to use the HCH.
  • View videos from the founders of this practice addressing new areas of Hypnotherapy

The cost of Supervision Group is $90 per meeting the day of the training.

Early sign-up bonus of $25 off ($75 per meeting) if RSVP the Wednesday prior (ask to join our Facebook Group for Updates)

Each meeting lasts approximately 5-7 hours. 

2019 Schedule

To Join the HCHT Supervision Group follow us on Facebook or see below for the schedule for 2019

Dates subject to change please join our Facebook group for updates

2019 HCHT Supervision Schedule 

Class times 9:30A - 4:30P

January 26th

April 6th

June 8th 

August 3rd

October 12th

November 2nd