Ro-Hun Therapy

Additional Information

Ro-Hun is a branch of Transpersonal Psychology which allows clients access to a more psycho-spiritual directed healing. The techniques focus on clearing blocks and self-limiting belief systems that have resulted from traumas, negative thoughts, and behavior patterns. Ro-Hun is a transformation therapy and process of enlightenment which blends psychological processes with spiritual development. 

The word "Ro-Hun" literally translates into "Vibration Healing." It is a energetic form of healing allowing for the purification of our Chakra System, psychological systems, and spiritual systems. It is a form of ​soul psychology working within our deepest sense of Self. 

Ro-Hun Therapy Sessions typically take place within a gradual system of healing sessions. Your therapist will explain the progression from "beginners" to advanced healing options within the Ro-Hun Therapy system. Clients are given exercises in spiritual and energy development between sessions and sessions are scheduled based on client need. 

Session Options

Ro-Hun Cards (55 Minutes) -Preliminary Sessions       

Ro-Hun Cleanse (120 Minutes)   
Ro-Hun Purification Therapy 

​**Takes place over 3-8 Sessions lasting 2-3 Hours per  session scheduled in weekly succession

Ro-Hun Skims (2-3 Hours)

**Once per week for one month (unless client requires longer), or until client is energetically clear