Specialized therapies

General information


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trauma therapy

Trauma comes in many forms. Learn how CHT can help you go beyond coping to healing

Trauma comes in many forms and impacts us all. CHT specializes in  healing and resolving core conflicts to help you change your life! Go beyond coping to powerful healing



Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy or EMDR is a powerful, research based treatment for healing that goes beyond the traditional.

Heart-centered hypnotherapy


Ready for a deeper level of healing? Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy allows you to go into the depths of your subconscious and create personal transformation into your Greatest Self. 

psychiatric services


COMING SOON! As part of our commitment to multidisciplinary treatment, the Medical Team at CHT is ready to assist you in managing your medication, addressing physical concerns, and creating balance in your life! 

addiction treatment


Free yourself from the bondage of addiction through our holistic approach to sobriety AND healing underlying woundings contributing to your addiction in a loving and safe space. 

play therapy


Children process life in a completely different and unique way. CHT believes in providing space for children to heal using their language...the language of play. 

heart-centered breath therapy


Engaging Body, Mind, and Spirit, this form of healing work gives you the tools to heal on all levels. An empowering tool, BreathTherapy gives YOU the power to heal yourself. 

family / relationship therapy


Relationships are some of the most challenging aspects of life. Learning to heal through our relationships is a powerful experience! CHT provides unique tools for healing these powerful connections. 

Trauma Focused CBT


TF-CBT is a researched based certification held by a number of therapists at CHT. Through this we assist in the recovery of children and adults who disclose sexual, physical, emotional abuse, or domestic violence. 

Ro-Hun Therapy


Looking for the Spiritual and Energy Medicine approach to healing? 

Ro-Hun Therapies uses a Transpersonal and Psycho-Spiritual  approach to healing.